Ørnulf Wiig Installasjon AS sold to Midroc Electro.

Mar 18, 20200 comments

Jarlsberg Partners was an adviser to Ørnulf Wiig Installasjoner AS.

Ørnulf Wiig Installasjoner had a turnover in 2018 for MNOK 106, and is an installation company based at Slependen in Bærum. The company extends from Oslo and Akershus in the north to Røyken and Hurum in the south where we have skilled electricians who take care of all kinds of installations and assignments. 

The buyer is Midroc Electro, one of Sweden's largest electrician companies. In 2018, the company had a turnover of MNOK 2 400, and has approximately 2,000 employees across Sweden. 

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