Capital raising


Jarlsberg Partners wants to help capital meet good and proper projects. We possess a wide variety of investors, and assist in finding the investor who suits your business. Whether it's one:

  • Industrial investor
  • Financial investor
  • Active owners (board positions, mentor, advisory board, etc.)
  • Fund capital
  • Investors without active involvement

Directed issues


Jarlsberg Partners has access to a new tool that streamlines, structures and organizes the communication process around issues. 

Traditional capital raising is often a heavy, expensive and extensive process. We can do this in a smarter, faster and more efficient way, which makes you save both time and money. 

  • No legal expenses
  • No audit costs


Equity crowdfunding


Equity crowdfunding is a modern method for upsetting businesses. Equity crowdfunding adds that companies can go to the acquisition of fresh equity in far more efficient ways than in the past. At the same time, the opportunity to invest to a greater extent opens. As a result, you can get a greater diversity of investors, ambassadors and people who take ownership of your business. Equity crowdfunding can happen in the completely open, or in a closed network where only invitees get the opportunity to invest.

The investor, like traditional issue processes, gains a stake in the business that is in relation to the amount invested. Those businesses that seek such type of financing must be organized as a company, and, as a rule, a limited liability company. The financing normally takes place by raising capital to the company through a capital increase, the investor draws and become direct or indirect shareholders in the company. All this through an electronic platform.

Many people think that an ownership structure consisting of the combination of family, friends and fans, small investors, and business angels as challenges. What is to be laid out before drawing conclusions are the ambassadors, the network and the expertise that will be made available to the company's further growth. After all, all owners have the same interest – the greatest possible return on investment. At the same time, there are currently systems that simplify the entire process around owner management, investor relations, updated shareholder books and document flow.

Secondary market

An organized secondary market is essential to harness the potential for investment through crowdfunding. Oslo Børs has launched the NOTC list Family & Friends for start-up companies and growth companies valued up to 100MNOK. Family & Friends is an offer to start-up companies, family companies and others who want to highlight buying and selling interests, as well as the price of unlisted shares.

NOTC Family & Friends enables investors who want to buy or sell shares do so via broker. Brokers are putting the interest in purchase and sales into the NOTC system on behalf of investors. Investors and brokers see these interests, and brokers can make a deal. 

IR solutions

Wealth as important as an organised secondary market to harness the potential for investment, highlighting buying and selling interests, as well as the price of unlisted shares, is the ability to manage its investors and owners in a prudent lyelse.

Investor Relations solutions (IR) are essential for satisfied investors. Jarlsberg Partners works with suppliers with good solutions that allow you to keep your investors up to date and involved in the company's needs, operations and development in a way that is both efficient and unresource-intensive for your business.

Property financing

Foreign capital

Jarlsberg Partners is facilitating raising capital directly from investors. We assist you to make available projects for a crowd of investors. This opens up the ability to obtain funding faster, under less controlled conditions and with less reporting requirements. In addition, the need for equity is reduced by providing top funding, and the ability to carry out additional projects increases.

Are you seeking funding beyond what the bank is willing to offer? We can help you reduce the need for equity and realize additional projects.

Planning to build a property, carry out a flip with total renovation, buy plots or a commercial property. We help you with funding up to 100% of your costs.

Jarlsberg Partners can also assist with short-term bridge financing to secure purchases, finalise development projects or secure temporary primary liquidity reserves.


foreign capital

Crowdlending is a new opportunity for companies to provide financing for growth and further development. This is on track to become a popular and engaging form of savings where people can put their savings into work in businesses that are betting. 

Small and medium-sized businesses that have not previously been able to get traditional bank financing due to banks' increased capital requirements, and the macroeconomic climate, now have the opportunity to get the capital they need available.

The loans are often given in the form of serial loans or loans with instalment sphinence.

Below are some typical cases for what capital needs crowdlending can help cover :

  • Capital for further growth and development
  • Purchase of new machines and equipment
  • Extended inventories
  • Buying new machines or cars
  • Financing in connection with the franchise
  • Acquisition of businesses
  • Ejaculation of other shareholders

Grant schemes

Government grant schemes

Jarlsberg Partners is a representative of Opsido. Opsido has expertise in public funding, and assists in funding innovation and development with public funds.

Some grant schemes where we can assist in the application process:

  • Hoards
  • Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe
  • Market clarification
  • Commercialization grants
  • Start-up loans
  • Innovation contract
  • Research Council programmes
  • Regional research funds